Beginner Guitar Class Registration

Classes begin September 5, 2023

Tuesday Teen Class (Ages 13-16)  4:00 -4:50 PM

Click Here To Register for the 4:00 Teen Class (Ages 13-16)

Tuesday Junior Class (Ages 8-12)  5:00 -5:50 PM

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Tuesday Adult Class (Ages 17 and Up) 6:00 -6:50 PM

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Guitar Classes

  • Please register to get started; seating is limited
  • Classes will begin the week of September 5, 2023
  • The classes will run for 50 minutes on their scheduled time
  • We will teach you the basic fundamentals necessary to play the guitar
    • How to hold and strum the guitar
    • How to tune your guitar
    • How to play different chords
    • How to progress from one chord to another
    • How to strum different rhythms and learn to count to the beat
    • How to play basic songs

$150 / Month