Guitar Rick!  What can I say?  My daughter has been taking weekly lessons with Rick for over two years now and our experience has been exceptional.  She started with zero experience on a guitar and is now occasionally playing live gigs with Rick in restaurants and the like.  Rick and his process have been fabulous for our daughter’s growth not only on the guitar but as a person.  When we started she would have been mortified to get up in front of a restaurant full of people and do anything.  Rick has helped her get over that anxiety and find her inner confidence.  We would most definitely recommend Rick to anyone who is looking to start learning to play the guitar or anyone who is looking to take their skills to the next level.  Rick is a truly genuine and caring person who is wonderful to work with.  –David

David B.Father of Rick's guitar student

Marchwood is a fantastic place to get lessons! Rick is a true professional extremely talented and most importantly a great teacher! He’s helped me learn from the ground up and made it super easy. I’ll continue to go and I highly recommend Rick for all levels and ages.

Matt K.Student

I have had the privilege of being a student of Rick Snow for several months. Initially my goal was to learn enough on a guitar to help my 5 year old play the guitar when shes a little older. Since I have a little bit of a music background, Rick was able to use my strengths to progress and challenge me and keep me interested in learning. I have honestly learned more than I ever imagined. A few people say they can teach themselves to play or a friend learned off of the internet. I am sure they learned their chords and can impress their friends a little. However, if you really want to learn to play and figure our how REAL musicians sound, you definitely need a professional. Rick’s experience as a teacher, musician and artist make every lesson interesting, motivating and rewarding (plus he is in tune with busy schedules and weeks with little to no practice). If you want to learn a few chords, do it yourself. If you want to learn how to use your talents and an instrument to their fullest potential, call Marchwood Music!

Trisha D.Student

I have been taking lessons for several years now. Rick is not only a great guitar player, but an awesome teacher as well. His enthusiasm is contagious- you can tell how much he loves what he is doing. The lessons are very well thought out- good mix of basics such as chords and rhythms , and of course learning your favorite songs.
I would recommend Marchwood Music to anyone- whether you are a beginner or someone who has been playing for a while. This is definitely the place to go!

Jeff S.Student

There are so many wonderful things to say about Marchwood Music, it’s hard to know where to start! I will begin with Rick, the owner. He possesses an energy, enthusiasm and passion for music that is infectious. Always communicative, flexible and accommodating, Rick keeps things interesting by holding jam sessions, open houses, and other opportunities for students to both learn and listen.
My ten year old has been taking drum lessons from John for almost four years. John has been a steady, supportive force in my son’s early music experience. Lessons are never just about drills and rudiments; the students get to play along to their favorite songs, practice for school lessons and prepare for things like Honors Band auditions. Because of John, my son’s school band experience was great on so many levels. He was given music that challenged him and was able to be a leader and role model for others.
Music is about so much more than simply playing an instrument. It’s academic; it’s social; it’s creative, and of course, it’s fun! Marchwood Music provides the perfect environment for this well-rounded approach. Thanks, Rick and John!

Melissa M.Parent of John's drum student